Mobile Clinic

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TELEMEDICA in collaboration with specialists - physicians of more than 20 different specialties has developed a professional mobile clinic for Check-Up - an overall health risk determination, thus saving people's time today, which would be spent in waiting rooms and doctors' offices, and saving people's money in the future, that would be spent on late diagnosed, neglected diseases.

Uniquely developed health Check-Up complex includes a variety of tests to make the most accurate record of person's overall health. 

General health Check-Up includes the following tests: 

  • getting acquainted with the patient (patient’s feeling, complaints, disease history);
  • impartial examination, palpation, percussion, auscultation, skin test with dermatoscope;
  • blood pressure test;
  • SpO2 test;
  • visual acuity test;
  • ECG test;
  • audiometry test;
  • spirometry test;
  • anthropometric measurements;
  • urinalysis.