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Dear TELEMEDICA clients! 

Over the past ten years we have made brilliant achievements in medicine, information technologies, science and other industries. Achievements in various sectors significantly improve quality of life, but we often forget to take care of the most important - our health, and usually we remember about it only when already serious symptoms or complaints appear. 
Therefore telemedicine possibilities are widely used in many of the world’s developed countries. Telemedicine makes it possible to perform different health tests without visiting the hospital, that is – in your most convenient time and place. In many countries telemedicine has become a customary field and common tool, and we are working for telemedicine possibilities to be available also to people in Latvia

Remember! In order to maintain good health in the long term it is necessary to perform regular preventive health check-ups, because early detected diseases can be easier cured.


Dr. Andris Glāzītis 


Our aim

The company's main aim is to develop healthcare technologies and improve the related quality of services, thus improving the public health and social advancement.

Our values

The company's core values are its customers and employees. Attentive and individual approach to each of our customers. Employees who constantly improve their knowledge