HeartView P12/8 plus

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Personal 12/8-lead ECG recorder / data transmitter - HeartView P12/8 Plus is simple to use, portable and provides high-quality ECG data transmission to Cardiocenter, regardless of your location.

Using three wired electrodes and four metallic electrodes, placing them according to the instructions, the user can record 12 or 8 lead ECG data. Recording time is respectively 45 or 20 seconds. 


  • 3 colored wires with electrodes and 4 metallic electrodes attached to the back of the device
  • Transmits 12 or 8 leads
  • Simultaneously records 2,5 sec. a lead and 10 seconds rhythm lead (lead II)
  • Operates with batteries (1 x 9 V Alkaline)
  • Weight with battery: 142g
  • Lenght: 110 mm, width: 60 mm, thickness: 34mm
  • Ease of use
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • High ECG record quality